About Us

The Porter Family is a mixed trio from Waynesville, North Carolina whose main goal is to share the love of Jesus to a lost and dying world. They would like to take a few moments to introduce you to their family.

Shawn Porter has been around music all of his life. Best known for his lead voice, he also plays the acoustic guitar and drums. Although great singers and musicians typically defy categorizations, Shawn has a definite love for the southern gospel music. His parents were singing this down home style before Shawn was born. Scores of well-known singers and musicians, along with pastors and congregations, recognize the Porter Family as making significant contributions to this unique world of music.

Working behind the scenes, as well as singing alto for the group is Shawn's mother, Betty Porter. With a background of singing with her biological family, she performs with a definite love of church music. As an avid music lover, Shawn’s father, Will Porter will sing tenor or lead as needed. This dad and mom team defined their love of music early in their relationship. Now they diligently work to keep up with a son that seems at ease in many musical settings, but has a desire to serve the Lord along side his parents.