March 2-11, 2020

What Others Are Saying About The Holy Land Expedition Tour

 " This was one of the most dynamic, incredible experience of my life, second only to my salvation experience. There is nothing that will strengthen one's faith like walking in the land where Jesus walked and visiting the places He visited 

"I will no longer read the Bible in the same way after visiting the Holy Land.  When I read a passage of Scripture related to a place I visited God's Word becomes much clearer allowing me to understand much more about what I am reading."

"The most incredible trip of my life.  I will never be the same again after visiting the Holy Land."

"Pastor John Swanger  wrote, “After three trips to the Holy Land, I can say without hesitancy that my trip with EndStrong Ministries was the best.  I truly experienced revival as we read and studied God’s word on the very ground that it happened.  I came back from Israel built up in the Lord, and desiring to know Him more.  I highly recommend a trip with EndStrong Ministries to anyone who has a desire to see the Holy Land as it was meant to be seen.”