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Rise: CD
  • Rise: CD
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RISE AVAILABLE NOW ORDER YOURS TODAY 1. This Ain't That Song 2. I'll Stand Up And Say So 3. All The Way 4. He Knows My Name 5. Walk Through The Gate 6. When The Stone Rolled Away 7. One Day I'll Rise 8. As I Am 9. God's Gonna Do The Same For You And Me 10. Lord Send Me A Mountain 11. Sometimes It's You

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What I Believe: CD
  • What I Believe: CD
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  1. Great Is Thy Faithfulness
  2. Why Should I Worry
  3. There Is A Remedy
  4. What I Believe
  5. What's Wrong With Living Right
  6. Above The Storm
  7. Jesus Fan
  8. Holy Spirit
  9. Didn't I Walk On The Water
  10. God Told Me To Walk A Little Farther
  11. When I Lay My Isaac Down
  12. Walk On Water
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  • Christian
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  1. We've Come To Worship
  2. The Man In The Mirror
  3. Christian
  4. I Met An Old Friend Today
  5. I'm Gonna Run
  6. It Won't Be Today
  7. Great Big God
  8. He Didn't Throw The Clay Away
  9. He Ain't The Leaving Kind
  10. Life Is Hard, But God Is Good
  11. I'm Gonna Run (Featuring Maddie Porter)
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DVD - Live From Our Hometown
  • DVD - Live From Our Hometown
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DVD 1. Introduction 2. Start Of The Story 3. Pilgrim And A Stranger 4. Water In The Wilderness 5. Power Of Love 6. Group Member Introductions 7. Don't Give Up 8. Still Holding On - Intro 9. Still Holding On 11. I'll Take Jesus - Intro 12. I'll Take Jesus 13. Introduce Maddie Porter 14. All The Way 15. He Paid The Price 16. Victory Party

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Power Of Love
  • Power Of Love
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 1. I'll Take Jesus
 2. Water In The Wilderness
 3. Start Of The Story
 4. Power Of Love
 5. Don't Give Up
 6. Still Holding On
 7. Victory Party
 8. He Paid The Price
 9. Look For Me
10. Pilgrim And A Stranger

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Call It Amazing
  • Call It Amazing
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  1. Call it Amazing Call it Grace
  2. He's Already in Your Tomorrow
  3. All The Way
  4. Grace Will Go Where I Go
  5. Nothing But The Blood of Jesus
  6. My Lord's Been With Me All The Way
  7. He Saved Me Anyway
  8. Pourin' Rain
  9. Pilgrims and Strangers
  10. Come
  11. When That Day Comes
  12. I Can't Even Walk
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DVD - Song of a Lifetime - NQC 2010 - Phil Cross
  • DVD - Song of a Lifetime - NQC 2010 - Phil Cross
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  1. I See Grace- Booth Borthers
  2. Hold On - Dove Brothers
  3. Message Of The Cross - The Browders
  4. Just Pay Attention - Mark Bishop
  5. I'm Redeemed - Mitchel Jon
  6. I Want My Stage To Be An Alter - The Akins
  7. You'll Find Me There - Triumphant Quartet
    8 Master of the Wind- Joel and LaBreeska Hemphill
  8. Old Convention Song - Mark Trammell Quartet
  9. Call Me Gone - Westin Hinson Group
  10. Let The Church Roll On - The Webbs
  11. You Do Not Owe Me - Phil Cross
  12. He's Still Waiting By The Well - Greater Vision
    14. I Can't Even Walk - Shawn Porter
    15. I'll Live Forever - The Churck Wagon Gang
  13. Something's Happening - The Hoppers
  14. Still Feelin' Fine - Booth Brothers
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I'm Gonna' Sing
  • I'm Gonna' Sing
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1.Get The Good News Out
2. I'm Gonna' Sing
3. Sinner's Prayer
4. Man In The Middle
5. He's Living In Me
6. What I Believe
7. When The Lord Loves To Move
8. God Delivers Again
9. The King
10. I Like The Promise

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Standing On My Knees
  • Standing On My Knees
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  1. No Doubt About It
  2. Standing On My Knees
  3. First One To Get There, Last One To Leave
  4. Walking On The Water
  5. Take Me Back To The Altar
  6. A Welcome Song
  7. In The Valley He Restoreth My Soul
  8. I'm Sending You
  9. The Cross Is More
  10. Coming Soon 
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